Aquamarine SPA is here!

Enjoy your Relax time at our AQUAMARINE SPA
Book a Wellness experience of 50 minutes during which you will have free access to all of our sensory experiences: You can tonify and revitalize yourself with emotional showers, relax in Turkish bath or steam bath hydrating your skin and eliminating toxins, detoxify with our biosauna or just immerse in our temperate pool with massaging water jets.
Price: euros 30,00 per person – SPA kit included.

HYDRA BOOST TREATMENT – € 90.00 – 60 min.
The Bi Phase Cleansing ritual is the icon of the Babor experience, followed by the most intense beauty therapy, a professional beauty ampoule treatment with a high concentration of natural active ingredients specific to your skin type. This intensive ampoule treatment produces a visible and instantaneous result.

HSR LIFTING – € 130.00 – 60 min.
Your professional anti-wrinkle expert: five high-performance active ingredients. Our powerful anti-wrinkle precision formula acts in a complete way against the most varied types of wrinkles, such as expression wrinkles, gravitational wrinkles, vertical wrinkles and their main causes, such as loss of tone.

REVERSIVE – € 190.00 – 60 min.
Rejuvenates the skin systematically. Designed as a complete anti-aging system, REVERSIVE restores brightness and youthful radiance to the skin that appears toned and smooth, with a uniform beauty.
BABOR SPA SHAPING FOR BODY – € 130.00 – 60 min.
Model a refined and seductive silhouette, tones the skin. Effective. Toning. Improves facial contours.

Awakens all the senses giving the skin vitality. With a fresh and regenerating lime and mandarin fragrance. Regenerating. Revitalizing. Refreshing.
With a rebalancing, warm and woody fragrance, it allows an inner strength and a more resistant skin. Protective. Reinforcing. Rebalancing.

RELAX MASSAGE – € 90.00 – 50 min.
This type of massage restores tone and energy to the muscles. During the massage, the body and the mind enter into a state of relaxation, melting anxieties and tensions of everyday life.

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE – € 130.00 – 60 min.
The Lomi Lomi massage is an ancient method of treatment originating from the Kahuna, the shamans of Hawaii and is the main massage technique that follows the movement of the ocean. In fact, it is performed with special oil that is let flow from the hands and the forearms of the massager in a harmonious and fluid way. All surrounded by a pleasant exotic music. Thanks to the manipulation of soft tissue, this technique acts deeply not only on a physical but also psychological level: it removes blocks and stiffeners and gives relaxation. Furthermore, it also has an excellent draining effect.

BAMBOO MASSAGE – € 130.00 – 60 min.
According to the ancient Chinese, the bamboo canes were able to circulate the energy inside them and absorb the excess, restoring the balance. Today the bamboo canes are used during massages to free both the muscles and the mind from tensions. To dissolve the contractions, the bamboo canes of different diameters are rolled and tapped on the body thus stimulating the senses and the epidermis. This massage is particularly indicated to fight muscular tension, stimulates lymphatic flow and gives a feeling of well-being.

ENERGIZING MASSAGE – € 90.00 – 50 min.
Two hands that wisely awaken sleeping muscles, ancient movements that give back energy to our body, the mind that rests while being cradled by natural rhythms. All this thanks to a series of massage techniques called energizing, massages whose main effect is to recharge, allowing you to face the many daily tasks with renewed energy.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – € 90.00 – 60 min.
Lymphatic drainage is a particular technique of massage, exercised in the areas of the body characterized by excessive reduction of the lymphatic circulation.

PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY – € 40.00 – 25 min.
Plantar Reflexology is a very effective natural therapy that makes use of fingers pressing in order to stimulate the psychophysical wellbeing of your body.

CERVICAL MASSAGE – € 45.00 – 30 min.
Cervical massage is a relaxing and decontracting massage that helps releasing all the tensions our body accumulates.

FACIAL MASSAGE – € 40.00 – 25 min.
The facial massage has very ancient origins. The mechanical stimulation reactivates and accelerates the local facial microcirculation, giving skin more light and elasticity.

CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE – € 110.00 – 60 min. The Californian massage has a relaxing and calming effect and gives inner tranquility sense. It improves the influx of oxygen and promotes the lymphatic circulation and sanguine, contrasting water retention and cellulite.

SWEDISH MASSAGE – € 110.00 – 60 min. The Swedish massage is a decontracting, relaxing and draining massage. It reduces muscles rigidity, stimulate the circulation, improving the oxygenation of the tissues and the muscles tone.
BACK DECONTRACTING MASSAGE – € 60.00 – 30 min. Back decontracting massage deeply works on the connective and muscular tissues, dissolving contractures and tensions.

TONING MASSAGE – € 90.00 – 50 min. The toning massage is a technique that works on the muscles, giving it a better shape and toning.

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE- € 90.00 – 50 min. The anti-cellulite massage helps to reduce the imperfections of the cellulite. The used maneuver techniques work in a targeted way on the skin connective layer in order to reactivate, oxygen and regenerate it and, consequently, draining liquids in excess.

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