Environmental Policy

Art Hotel Gran Paradiso has been developing a policy of respect and protection of both the internal and external environment for some time. We have a strong concern for the defense of the environmen for more than economic reasons.
The hotel is profoundly aware that the development of our society must be sustainable and compatible with our environment; for this reason, we continually strike to better our activities and services while maintaining a correct balance of social, economic, and environmental responsabilities.
Art Hotel Gran Paradiso is strongly committed to respecting the national, regional, and environmental laws in force and it periodically checks its own compliance to these rules through continually updating based on indications by professional associations, consultants, and professionals in the environmental sector.
The hotel considers safety, health, and the environment its top priorities; for this reason, each year the management sets macro-targets of improvement concerning the reduction of energy and water consumption, as well as an adequate (eco-compatible) management of waste (recycling).
These macro-targets are shown to the entire organisation, discussed, made of common interest, and, if they are reached, a possibility of a further restriction is considered.
Defining the macro-targets is the final result of the initial environmental analysis. The general environmental policy of “Art Hotel Gran Paradiso” is as follows:
-We support local charity non-profit organizations and employ local staff
-We buy locally and are committed at the same time to reducing pollution by limiting trasport of goods
-We are committed to adopting the appropriate initiatives in order to minimize the impact of our processes on the environment, and to not cause conditions of risk for our operators’, suppliers’, and clients’ health.
-We carry out appropriate training for all employees to improve the individual productivity and to encourage any initiative concerning the protection of the environment
-Our clients will be informed on the initiatives to take, such as recycling
-We carry out an overall analysis of the energy and of all the materials that can be important for the environment, to improve constantly.

All initiatives which are able to conserve natural resources, renewable or not, will be considered.
Our suppliers’ involvement is another aspect for our respect for the environment, as suppliers represent an important aspect to our environmental policy.
New targets of improvement related to our environment policy will be implemented if necessary and communicated to employees.
Art Hotel Gran Paradiso wants to spread our initiatives in the environmental sector, communicating our environmental policy to the town council of Sorrento, where the hotel is located.
The above commitments concerning health, safety, and the environment are priorities in the activities of the hotel.
Sorrento 1/8/2010