Are you an artist?

The Art Hotel Gran Paradiso Project
The hotel plans to dedicate a room per year to a visual artist through a competition in which our guests will have the chance to vote.
We are at the twentieth edition, and thus have twenty rooms which have been dedicated over the years to the following twenty artists:
F. Hundertwasser, L. Ontani, M. Malooney, S. Arienti, L. Pancrazi, C. Parmigiani, G. Zorio, A. Aquilanti, A. De Filippis, L. Lopez, Pieralli e Favi, M. Marchelli, J. Beuys, Art Ted, Hans Ob De Beck, L. Cecchini, F. Melotti, A. Boetti, Serse, E. Kristufek
This year our guests will choose the “Artist of the Year” from:
Wiesmann, M. Sedmack, J. e L. Orta, Morgantini, Ozzola, L. Perone, P. Perone, M. Ambrosio, L. De Simone, Cannavacciuolo, Baricchi, Zamboni, Egger, Ograbeck, D. Mosconi, M. Lomussio, N. Pellegrino, E. Ruscha, N.Valentini, M. Vaglieri, G. Baruchello, W. Beckley, P. Lista, R. Welch, G. Bolognini, A. Freiles, T.Shimizu, M. Raciti, V. Vago, F. Vescovo, A. Guido, etc.
Our aim is the spread of visual art; we are happy to provide information regarding the artists and, if you are interested in purchasing a work, prices.
Thank you for your interest, and remember that Art Hotel Gran Paradiso looks forward to hosting your for an unforgettable holiday among the beauty of both art and nature.

See you soon!
Mario, Alberto and Ignazio Colonna

Please send us a picture of your work